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by | Feb 25, 2019 | Tree Services

While every property owner would want to retain his or her trees forever, this is often impossible. If your favorite tree reaches its genetic potential, it will start reducing your property’s appeal. If a tree turns into a safety hazard, the only ideal solution is to get rid of the tree.

Tree removal cost is an important factor for any homeowner who needs to get rid of trees. Tree removal cost will vary from one tree to the other. Some of the factors which could increase or decrease the tree removal cost include:

  • Tree size
  • Job complexity
  • Condition of the tree

What this tells you is that it is impossible for us to tell you the exact tree removal cost you should expect. There are, however, guidelines used by Stockton tree removal professionals to come up with a tree removal cost estimate. This article will introduce and expound on these guidelines.

Factors Affecting Stockton Tree Removal Cost

The minimum tree removal cost you should expect is $75. In some instances, the price can even exceed $1500. On average, property owners invest $651 into getting rid of their unpleasant trees. The main reasons why tree removal cost varies include:

  • Tree diameter
  • Location of the target tree
  • Whether the tree is dead or alive
  • Tree height

Below, we will look at the effects the factors outlined above have on the tree removal cost.


In Stockton, the tree removal cost is generally based on the height of the tree. As the tree height increases, the price increases. There are 4 main tree height classes. The classes are as follows:

  • Small trees – Below 30 feet.
  • Medium trees – About 30 feet – 60 feet
  • Large trees – 60 feet to 80 feet
  • Very large trees – Over 80 feet

Tree Condition

If your tree appears to be a potential hazard, careful inspection by an arborist is often necessary. This helps to figure out how to safely remove the tree without causing harm to the workers or your property. If an arborist has to be involved during the tree removal process, you may incur additional tree removal charges.

Some of the main factors which affect the tree condition include:

  • History – If recent construction took place close to the tree roots, there is a chance that it could have made the tree unstable.
  • Lean – Big leans in addition to exposed tree roots indicate that the tree is not stable.
  • More than one trunk – If the various trunks are attached weakly at the joint, there is a chance that they may end up detaching and falling during the tree removal process.
  • Weak branches – If the majority of the branches on the tree have weak V-shaped connections, there is a chance that they may crack and fall while the professionals are working on removing the tree.
  • Cavities/Decay – These indicate the presence of weak points which could potentially affect the tree removal process negatively.

Dead Trees

If your dead tree is small, its removal may be easier. However, larger, dead trees are riskier to work on. They could end up falling on your property or on the tree removal professionals if care is not taken when working on the tree removal.

It is possible to locate Stockton tree removal professionals who won’t increase the tree removal cost when they inspect your tree and find it is dead. However, since these professionals are rare to come by, you need to save more money when preparing to get rid of a dead tree.


If your tree is thick and short, it will take more time to saw through compared to a tall but thin tree. The tree diameter may be used to calculate the charges you incur per hour.

If after cutting the tree down the tree removal professionals will have to spend their time slicing the tree into smaller pieces, the tree removal cost may go up. Hardwood trees, as you have probably guessed, will have a higher tree removal cost compared to the softer trees.


What matters the most is whether the tree removal professionals can remove the tree easily without having to deal with structures and power lines. If there are structures and utility lines nearby, the tree removal cost will be higher considering that the whole tree removal process will require more effort.

More time will be required to get rid of trees which are close to your house. The tree branches and most of the upper part may need to be brought down slowly using ropes after being cut. If the tree that has to be removed is in the middle of other healthy trees, more time will be required to remove the tree without affecting the surrounding trees negatively.

If your tree is not easily accessible using the tree removal machinery, such as the crane and bucket, someone may have to take the risk and climb up the tree. Risky jobs will cost you more money. On average, the tree location can increase the tree removal cost by approximately 25% to 50%.

The Average Stockton Tree Removal Cost

Small Tree Removal Cost

For your tree to be classified in the small tree category, it has to be under 30 feet. The tree removal cost for such a tree will be about $125 to $437. The small trees have the lowest tree removal cost. This is because they require less effort during removal.

Some of the things the tree removal professionals may need to handle include determining the direction the trees are supposed to face and calling the utility companies to figure out whether there are any underground utilities close to where they will be removing the tree. To reduce the tree removal charges you incur, you can go ahead and prep the tree removal zone.

Medium Tree Removal Cost

Trees whose height does not exceed 60 feet but are taller than 30 feet are called medium trees. These will cost you anywhere between $175 and $900. The cost increases as the height go up. After spending money on the initial tree removal, you may need to spend some extra money on:

  • Stump removal
  • Cleanup
  • Debris removal

Before working with a tree removal professional, figure out the charge basis. The tree removal cost will vary largely depending on whether you are being changed on a per tree or per hour basis.

Large Tree Removal Cost

On average, you should set aside $400 to $1000 aside if you intend to remove a tree whose height ranges from 60 feet – 80 feet. As a property owner, you would want to keep your large trees on your property. However, in some instances, tree removal becomes the only solution even for tall trees. Some of the main reasons you may want to get rid of one of your impressively huge trees include:

  • Storm damage
  • Close proximity to the utility lines
  • Pests and diseases

Caution is a necessity when taking down incredibly tall trees. For safety purposes, the tree branches have to be brought down before the actual tree. Offering to assist during the tree removal process can help you bring the tree removal cost down. Not all tree professionals, however, will agree to work with an inexperienced individual.

Very Large Tree Removal Cost

Some of the trees which fall under this category include the oak and American ash. These trees have a height of 80 feet to over 100 feet. Their tree removal cost ranges from $942 to $1400. Some of the things which make very large tree removal incredibly demanding include:

  • The labor and time required
  • Climbing equipment and ropes necessary
  • Utility lines
  • Structures nearby

Palm Tree Removal Cost

If the height of your palm tree does not exceed 30 feet, you should set aside $150 to $450. People who own palm trees whose height exceeds 80 feet have to spend $1100 to $1500. If you have incredibly tall palm trees, removing them is a good idea. The fact that they put a lot of stress on the roots means that they could end up turning into a safety hazard.

Pine Tree Removal Cost

If your pine tree is not over 40 feet tall, you will have to pay about $200. You may have to be ready to spend $1500 or more on pine trees whose height is more than 80 feet. Some pine tree breeds require the professionals to remove cones and branches first. To make sure that the cones do not end up hurting their eyes, tree removal professionals will have to wear a lot of protective gear.

Oak Tree Removal Cost

The oak tree removal cost ranges from $200 to $1000. The trees have a height of about 60 feet. The fact that they are hard makes their cutting more demanding.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Fallen trees cost between $75 and $150 to remove, depending on the tree species and size. Additional money may be required for the tree removal professionals to haul the tree away. If branches have to be removed, this may incur more charges.

The stump removal service may need you to spend an additional $150 to $75.  This price will be calculated after measuring the stump diameter. Depending on whether you want the stump to be removed completely or ground, the cost may go up or down.

Extra Services Costs

Finding that you have to spend more money on some extra services can be a surprise. To avoid surprises, you should avoid assuming that the tree removal cost takes care of every service you need during tree removal. Below, we will show you some of the extra services you may have to spend your money on:

Stump Removal

Stumps stay in position after the tree has been removed. To get rid of the stumps, which can be both unsightly and dangerous, property owners have to spend more money. Stump removal prices vary largely depending on the service provider, the stump number, soil condition, root system, and hardness. The average stump removal cost you may have to incur varies as follows:

  • Diameter – Stump removal professionals operating in Stockton will charge $2 to $3 for every diameter inch. The lowest charge is usually $100.
  • Per stump – The initial stump may cost $150. You may be charged $50 for each additional stump.
  • Land clearing – Most Stockton tree service providers charge on a per hour basis if numerous stumps have to be removed. You may have to pay $150/hour.


If you would like your trees to retain an appealing look, trimming is an important maintenance procedure. Non-invasive trimming is generally effective for smaller trees. Trimmed trees can access the sunlight more easily. Also, rainwater can reach the roots.

Depending on the tree size, you will have to set aside $75 to $1000 for the trimming. The average cost is approximately $250 to $500. The factors which could lower or force the price to go up, include:

  • Tree health
  • When you trimmed the tree last
  • Tree location
  • Accessibility


This maintenance activity helps get rid of the problematic limbs and branches. The branches removed during the tree pruning include branches which cross other branches and weak branches forming weak V-shaped angles with the tree trunk. Tree pruning is generally used to save the tree from health issues and other problems. The tree pruning cost is almost equal to the trimming cost. In some cases, however, the tree pruning cost may be higher.

Limb Chipping/Removal

Most Stockton tree service providers will include limb removal and chipping in their quote. However, to eliminate the chances of unpleasant surprises, you should confirm whether you have to pay the cost separately. You need to know what exactly the quoted tree removal cost caters to.

  • Chipping – Most tree service professionals will charge an average of $65 to $150.
  • Removal – You may have to pay $50 to get the tree service providers to haul the logs and limbs away.

Log Splitting

For this service, you may have to spend approximately $75. This service is ideal for homeowners who would like to use the logs as firewood. If your budget is currently too tight for you to afford to pay for the log splitting, you can easily get rid of the service cost. You can opt to split the logs yourself. This may, however, take too much of your time.


If a lot of driving time is necessary to reach your home, travel fees may be necessary. The price will increase or decrease depending on your tree’s location.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergencies are essentially unpredictable. For example, a stable, safe, and an aesthetically appealing tree could be turned into a safety hazard by a couple of heavy storms. This means that there is no knowing when you may need emergency tree services. You may need the services in the middle of the night, or essentially when the tree service providers are not in the office.

If the tree service providers have to work outside their normal working hours, you may have to spend more money on tree removal. Additionally, before getting rid of a tree that has been affected by the storm, thorough inspection by the arborist is often necessary. You will have to spend some extra money on the arborist services too.

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