Improved Tree Service Website Launched by Home Service Direct

by | May 5, 2022 | Tree Services

After years of relying on phone calls and direct office visits to generate tree service leads, we decided to try the online way to generate new leads. Luckily for us, we partnered with the right company when it came to website development.

Home Service Direct worked with us from the first step to the last in the website development process. The result was a website with all the features we needed. Some of the features on our new website include:


Home Service Direct contacted our previous customers to hear what they had to say about our services. The company recorded the five-star reviews and used them as part of the content on our website. We believe that when potential customers see we offer the best services, they will be more likely to book our services.

Easy to Access Buttons

The contact buttons on our website allow customers to call our offices directly. Once a customer clicks on these buttons, he/she is taken to the call section of their phone where our number will be pre-loaded. This will make things much easier for homeowners who will still prefer to order our services over the phone.

A Smart Service Booking Form

For customers who prefer filling out a form to order tree service procedures, Home Service Direct included a form on our website. To book a tree service procedure, homeowners will just need to fill in their contact details, select the tree service procedure they need, and then submit this information to us. We will review the information, provide a quotation, and then show up on the customer’s landscape to handle the requested tree maintenance procedure.

Improved Security

To ensure the data entered on the contact form remains safe, Home Service Direct implemented security protocols on our new website. This will help ensure that all the details entered on our website are inaccessible to hackers.

Responsive Design

The new website can be accessed on all types of devices. A homeowner using a mobile phone to access our new website will have the same experience as someone using a desktop computer to access the website. The website adapts to suit the needs of the visitors.

High Loading Speed

To load all the vital information, the new website requires a maximum of 2 seconds. This is one of the best things since our potential customers won’t have to bounce because the website has taken too long to load.

Search Engine Optimization

Home Service Direct designed the new website with the thought of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other major search engines in mind. Using the right keywords, the company managed to put us on the first page of Google. This will help us gain more leads and customers organically.

Our company is extremely impressed with the effort that Home Service Direct has put into our new website. The website passes all the standards we had in mind. The website is designed to guarantee maximum success for our tree service business.

For help with exclusive tree removal leads or marketing services for tree care business, consider talking to Home Service Direct via [email protected] and (833) 827-4425. For help with the trees on your landscape, consider booking a tree service procedure on our new website

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