Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Tree Services

When planting trees and shrubs on your property, you probably don’t plan to remove them any time soon. You would want both the trees and shrubs to keep your property looking great for a lifetime. However, the reality is that this is not usually the case. At some point, you will have to remove trees shrubs. One thing, however, that can help you increase the life span of the trees and shrubs is trimming them.

Irrespective of whether your plan is to remove trees shrubs or trim some of your trees, you will obviously have to spend some of your money. In this article, we will look at some of the main factors affecting tree trimming and removal fees.

Tree Trimming/Removal Cost Factors

Tree Type

Trimming or removing varying types of tree/shrub species will not cost the same amount of cash. When removing different tree species, the professionals you work with will come across varying root configurations. Some will be more difficult to saw through while others will be easier to remove. More compensation is necessary for trees/shrubs which take more time to remove.

If a tree has more branches, it will obviously require the tree trimmers to spend more time on it. This means that you should expect a higher tree trimming cost for shrubs featuring a lot of foliage.

Tree Height

To remove trees shrubs which are incredibly tall, special tools are often required. Compared to trimming or removing trees which have an average or below average height, tall trees will require you to pay more money.

Power Lines

Power lines make letting the branches fall freely impossible. Tree trimmers have to lower the cut branches slowly to the ground using a rope. Due to the increased effort required, more compensation is often necessary.

Felled Wood

On average, fallen trees are cheaper to remove when compared to standing trees. The cost of getting rid of fallen trees is generally dependent on the amount of wood expected from the tree. The more the wood, the more money you may have to spend.

Some homeowners may opt to use the wood as firewood. In this case, splitting may be needed. This will cost you more money. You can, however, forego the splitting cost by splitting the wood yourself.

Stump Removal/Grinding

When quoting the tree removal cost, most tree service providers do not include the stump removal cost. If you ignore the stump after removing the tree, the stump may turn into a hazard. To get rid of the stump, you may have to spend additional money on the complete stump removal or grinding. Grinding is more affordable. For this reason, most homeowners whose goal of removing the stump is to get rid of the safety hazard and improve curb appeal choose stump grinding over complete removal.


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